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Time to take a break? Learn key principles and have fun doing it with our selection of Cyber Security based games.
Gamification has proven to be a great way of learning and retaining information, this inspired us at Cyberana to develop educational games, designed specifically for Cyber security. We hope to keep adding to the collection over time!

wormVirusWorm Infestation

Worms attack through the internet via such things as email and peer to peer file sharing. Play as a worm virus, attacking computer systems that have just become vulnerable to your attack. Careful, the more computers you infest, the bigger you get, and the anti-virus is coming for you! (Very early development).


Instructions: Using the arrow keys, guide the Worm towards the red dots (Computer Systems). The more computers you successfully attack, the larger you get. Make sure to stay within the boundaries otherwise you are eradicated and must start all over. Good luck!
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