has been created by a group of Academics and 3rd Year Students to help SME’s (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) and the general public learn about the UK Government’s Cyber Essential Scheme and practical advice on how to be safe online. The name Cyberana comes from two words, the word Cyber as its definition means the culture of computers and all things to do with information technology and the Latin suffix word -ana that denotes the assembly of items, in this case Cyber Security.

Meet The Team

Reza Mousoli

Director of Stakeholder Engagement / Principle Lecturer

Hi, I’m Reza! I am a Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University and have collaborated with students to create

Aaron Cusden

Senior Developer/Designer

Hi, my name is Aaron Cusden! I am currently a 3rd year student studying a BSc in Computing at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Dan Sallis

Senior Developer/Designer

Hi, My name is Dan! I am currently a 3rd year university student at Canterbury Christ Church University studying BSc Computing.

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